7 Tips on How to Include a Photo on Your Business Card

September 22, 2015

If you’ve decided to include a photo on your business card*, here are 7 tips to keep in mind:

  1. Look to the middle of the card – you want to direct the reader’s eyes to the card information, so your body should be facing towards that content, not away. So if you place your image on the right side of the card, your body should face to the left. If you don’t have an image that faces to the left, flip the image so that it does. Obviously, this only works if the flipped image does not look silly, like reversed lettering
  2. Coldwell-Banker-Business-Cards facing wrong way

    Example of person facing away from the business card


    Example of person facing toward the business card

  3. Face and neck – Your face and neck should be the minimum amount of coverage, more if you use more of the card for your photo. Do your recipients need to see half of your torso? Perhaps not. Anything less than the face and neck and it looks unnatural
  4. Business attire – Dress professionally so that you continue to leave a good impression
  5. Use a realistic picture – No glamour shot, your picture should be a realistic one, one that a person can connect to.
  6. Use a current picture of yourself – No dated or childhood pictures; avoid the photo that distracts people from the card’s goal – that of selling your products or services
  7. Use a high-quality picture – Avoid pixelated, blurry or poorly-lit pictures
  8. Simple background – A professional backdrop is preferred but a simple nature scene will also work. Avoid the back-of-the-door background look.

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*Click here to read the arguments for and against using your photo on a business card.