Adam Koniuszewski

by Russ on July 21, 2012

Adam Koniuszewski

This two-sided card belongs to a designer. A bold large font on the front with a cute red heart gives way to his name and job title on the back. It’s always good to see what he does.

The contact information is plainly displayed and it should be no problem getting in touch with him.

As of this writing, his website is undergoing a design, but his Facebook page is full of his work, revealing a very skilled and talented designer.

Regrettably, none of that imagination is reflected here. There is an obvious lack of creativity in the design of this business card and it does not reflect the quality of his work at all.

The heart symbol stands out by virtue of the color; it would be much better if his design stood out. But it is plain and unembellished. If he is going to utilize both sides, would it not be reasonable to feature some of his design and illustration skills on one of those sides?

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