Bistro Guillaume

by Russ on October 2, 2012

Bistro Guillaume

This is a striking vegetable green card with the name of the restaurant prominently displayed on the front. The name of whom we assume is the business owner (William?) is in large white lettering, slightly curved and with a hint of France in the font.

The reverse continues with the green theme and the entire name of the bistro in white this time. All the information required to dine at Bistro Guillaume is clear. Also included is a reservation email – a tasty idea.

A look at their website continues the green theme, in fact we sense that perhaps the color stands for fresh, healthy foods – a modern interpretation of the French bistro. The interior of this establishment sports a green bar, green menus and at least one beautiful set of green doors.

For you history buffs, here is one possible explanation (although denied by lexicographers) of the origin of the bistro:

The word “bistro” may come from the Russian word “bystro,” which means “quickly,” and was probably introduced by the Cossacks in the 1814 occupation of Paris, as they shouted for faster service in local cafes, “Bystro! Bystro!” The word first appeared in French dictionaries in 1884. Fact or myth? But fun for sure!

With this business card working seamlessly with the website, we have a restaurant which is doing almost all of the right things. It would be nice if they gave some categories of food that are their specialties.

And trying their food and loving it will be the icing on the cake.

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Business card - Bistro Guillaume

Business card details - Bistro Guillaume