Bistro Melrose

by Russ on September 15, 2012

Bistro Melrose

We have an off-white card, unbleached perhaps, which is well textured. On this there is a simple black and white design – or maybe dark chocolate brown, which is all the better.

The logo is in clear contrast to the color of the card. It is a dark square with a whisk and wooden spoon in the negative. The font is clean, fresh and very business-like.

A simple card, rich in texture and sparse in design. Tactilely it would be easy to find among all those other cards in one’s possession, however the design is perhaps too understated.

And if one is trying to encourage people to come and enjoy the delicious fare, somehow the logo does not seem to invite dîneurs. We suggest a logo evoking warmth and pleasure with colors to match. Vert [green] anyone?

Paris is a city of many extraordinary restaurants, from fine dining to more simple bistros. It seems to us that a restaurateur [restaurant owner] needs to stand out clearly from the pack, and this card is limited in this regard, especially when bistros are a dime a dozen.

Lastly, we would love to see a website just for those discriminating and plugged in folks, including the international set, to peruse while making plans for their walking trips around the city. Place de Clichy is a main drag, so perhaps this is not as necessary as one might think, though. For those who find their way to Bistro Melrose: Bon appétit!

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ephemera - Bistro Melrose business card