Curtis McHale

by Russ on October 4, 2012

Curtis McHale

This double-sided business card is for a website designer, specializing in lead generation and e-commerce websites, with some e-mail marketing and SEO services as well.

Straightaway, it is very clear what kind of business this is, as the services are listed in a big bold font. A second line of information refers the prospect to the website, where a blog is front and center. The blog appears to be of a somewhat personal nature, as it includes topics not directly related to the business.

The black on white design is offset by a creative assortment of circles in the upper-left hand corner, in a subtle mauve color; ostensibly the logo.

On the other side, the colors are reversed with a white on black color scheme, making for a nice complementary color design. The same mauve circles reappear, this time in the upper-right. To add some variation, the orientation switches from horizontal to vertical.

The contact information is clearly listed. It will not be a problem communicating with this person.

Instead of listing the website on both sides, perhaps a slogan or more details of the business would be a better use of the double-sided space. It is not like the prospect is going to look at one side of the card but not the other.

However, this card will have no problems standing out in the stack of business cards.

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