Dana Maltby

by Russ on May 20, 2012

Dana Maltby

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Dana is a creature of the night when he paints with light. That is, he shines lights in brilliant displays of colored illuminations and photographs the result. “Light painting”, an esoteric art that could not have been possible without electricity nor the light bulb, can achieve some very exotic works of art.

No doubt, Dana has honed his craft for years.

When it comes to communicating those talents and skills on a small business card, there is not much to inform the reader what exactly he does. The back of the card is customized with images of his creations – and he relies on that to be remembered.

But it certainly wouldn’t hurt to add a line or two to the card as to what he does. When you visit his website, he is careful to list all of the different categories of his creations. Why not on the card?

The information side of the card is bland and not at all consistent with the sparkling splash of color on the image side.

Dana Maltby business cards