by Russ on May 31, 2012


Have you ever received an order of business cards that had one minor annoying mistake? It was not worth redoing them but every time you handed one out, it irked you that there was a small flaw.

UPrinting makes sure you are totally satisfied and takes the necessary steps to make sure no mistakes get into print.

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This single-sided business card is for an unknown business.

On a white background, an elaborate logo dominates the center, followed by the business name.

At the bottom is the e-mail address, website, phone number and TVA number (Value Added Tax number in France). The logo and business name are in a gray-green color scheme and all of the text is in gray as well.

But what does he do?

No idea.

It is puzzling why there is no hint of what he does. A concise description of his services would help his card out a lot.

Also, is this the business name? If so, what is his real name? Is it not the purpose of a business card to give out your identification?

This business card does not do much in the way of setting itself apart from the stack of cards that accumulates in the desk drawer.

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