Henry Rodriguez

by Russ on October 5, 2012

Henry Rodriguez

This single-sided business card advertises the rather odd combination of the services of a tattoo artist and a custom tattoo machine builder! He can give you a tattoo or a machine that makes tattoos. He uses his own machines many times before passing them on to new owners, thus ensuring their integrity.

The ornate font is very eye-catching, styled with flourishes and a nice elegant border. The entire design is done in a nice earthy dark brown tone on a tan background, the color scheme quite possibly a nod to the color of skin.

The name is displayed most prominently followed by his two specialties and then his contact information. It should not be a problem reaching him.

Since it is not clear that “custom machines” refers to tattoo machines, perhaps it would have been better to indicate that on the card, since the phrase can conjure up all kinds of machines.

Scaling down the size of some of the information would allow for more detailed information to be included, such as tattoo specialties and the kinds of custom tattoo machines.

Nevertheless, this card will leave its indelible mark, as it were, on one’s memory, owing to both the unique design and the novel duality of services.

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Front business card