Jesse Yardley

by Russ on September 12, 2012

Jesse Yardley

Smashing double-sided business card! The front has tons of energy emanating out from the center like a pebble being dropping into water or a TV/radio tower broadcasting a wide-reaching signal.

The monogram-like logo is bold and highly visible. The terse tagline accents this energetic front perfectly all the while telling us what this business is about.

On the reverse all the important information is readily accessible, including the oft-absent job title. The way in which it is organized exudes a sense of confidence in this marketing firm.

They highlight their strengths with three words prominently displayed against a black background. And included is an awarded seal of achievement in the same color as the front, adding a pop of color.

A look at their website shows how seamlessly they have integrated business card and site – always a plus.

Perhaps the only modification they should consider is the use of mixed case instead of all uppercase. People read mixed case faster than all uppercase, plus in the internet day and age, all uppercase is understood to be shouting, not always a good thing.

We love the eye-catching design on the front and the strength of the back as told with layout, font and precisely placed graphics, echoing their website. This marketing firm seems to be just the go-to place for all of one’s marketing needs!

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