L’avant Gout

by Russ on September 25, 2013

L'avant Gout
Business Card
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on September 25, 2013
Basic contact information on a brightly-colored card for a restaurant. It lacks any interesting information that would persuade one to eat at this place.

Clever name for a restaurant! We are assuming it is a play on the well known expression – one of thousands we English-speakers have appropriated from the French – avant-garde (although English adds a hyphen).

Avant-garde: “the advance group in any field, especially in the visual, literary, or musical arts, whose works are characterized chiefly by unorthodox and experimental methods.” (Dictionary.com) We surely have to add the culinary arts to this definition.

Goût in French means “taste,” so we believe we can conclude that L’avant Goût will tickle our taste buds with heretofore unexplored and unexperienced pleasures of the palate. We are in!

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Often it seems that while treasuring the French culinary arts, we expect classic techniques to be utilized exclusively. Here, it seems, we can expect all that and more. Definitive combinations, modern techniques and dare we hope, avant-garde delights.

This bright orange card, in what may be a bit elongated rectangle (the angle of the lens makes us unsure), is a stand out. The name of the restaurant makes its appearance in the top third with the G of Goût figuring prominently.

The logo clearly declaring this an eatery fills the center and the bottom portion allows us to find them for dining. All these elements appear to be inked in dark aubergine (the French word for eggplant) – a smashing choice.

Along the left hand side is a narrow strip in light blue letting us know that they are open Tuesday to Friday.

A coupe d’œil at their website confirms our assumptions. It is fine dining with a distinctively modern twist, both in cuisine and in ambiance. Bon appétit!

Address card of L'Avant Gout