Livia Caporale

by Russ on December 29, 2012

Livia Caporale

For a strikingly distinctive business card that will grab the attention you need, order from PsPrint. Use a coupon listed here to save on high-quality printing.

We have a look here that is smashingly different than most any other business card we have reviewed. How refreshing!

The card stock is richly textured and a deep, dark, luscious color – black, or even better, intense navy blue? The debossed font is printed in a delicate silver.

Add a flourish on the top and another on the bottom, Ms. Caporale’s name in a strong, feminine script and we have a powerful yet nuanced invitation to hire her to look our best.

This hairstylist specializes in weddings, fashion and commercial print and works on location. The design of her card states clearly that she is talented and creative. The goal of warmly, yet firmly encouraging us to partake in her skill is accomplished.

This card reflects her website seamlessly. We have all the information we need to get in touch and make an appointment. Kudos for this striking card that surely will not get lost in the stack. Don’t ya just wanna curl up and dye?!

Letterpress Business Card - Silver/Black