Alexander Wright

by Russ on August 13, 2012

This double-sided business card belongs to a designer who specializes in logos, illustrations, print, editorials and web. The stark black and white design has a large logo on one side and his contact information on the other.

The catchy logo advertises that he provides visual communication services and his contact information is listed clearly on the other. But not much else is known about his offerings. What kind of visual communication services does he offer?

That requires a trip to his website, which may or may not be accessible at the moment. Perhaps it would have been better to list his services on the card, especially since it is a double-sided card with a lot more usable space.

It is somewhat puzzling to come across the business card of a designer who uses color for client projects but black-and-white for his own business card. Why not let potential clients know more of his design skills by showing them how he uses color, since he will use color on their websites? If he’s spending the extra money to print a double-sided business card, why not add some color to the design?

business card

Phillip Parr

by Russ on August 12, 2012

This two-sided business card advertises the services of a freelance website developer and programmer in a novel way. It lists the website on one side and an amusing trio of self-portraits on the other. Its color palette is black, white and gray.

On the one side is the website. Unfortunately, there is nothing else listed, no supporting information. The other side has three black and white photos, depicting him in what looks to be a costume of sorts, a formal picture of him in a tuxedo and an informal photo of him in a t-shirt outside.

There are no captions for the pictures; these pictures are the size of thumbnails so it would be hard to caption them anyways. We know he is a freelance web developer and we see that he claims to have built many beautiful websites.

While the business card’s creativity exceeds that of most, what is the benefit of including three tiny photos of himself as related to his website development skills? Would it not be more informative to the potential or existing client to know more details of his services, like his PHP & XHTML development skills?

The three photos are difficult to see. Why three? Why not just one? As it is, the subject of including one’s photo on the business card is debatable.

And the austere black and white design looks like it was inspired after a film noir series. Perhaps a little color would liven it up, the way his client websites use color.

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Business Cards

Alan Forseth

by Russ on August 11, 2012

If John Wayne had a business card, this would be it. Nothing says toughness better than this rugged-looking outdoors-styled business card that advertises survival training in British Columbia. The company itself is a travel planner for everything from golf to rugged wilderness experiences, so this business card does a great job in identifying what part of the business this person represents.

The card design is reminiscent of worn leather that has survived arduous expeditions in the wild. It is almost as if the card itself has gone out and come back numerous times, enduring long, rough journeys, raging storms and wild beasts. Each scar tells another exciting story of surviving the worst of nature’s elements and lived to tell.

The company name and area of specialty are stated clearly. The contact information follows.

Since the card sells Mr. Forseth’s services, his picture would be appropriate to be included on the card. Potential clients would love to see how the man matches up to the card’s presentation, especially if they are going to entrust their lives with him. Most of the time, the person’s photo is not needed, but in this case, it seems appropriate.

BC Adventure Meat Business Card

Glen Young

by Russ on August 10, 2012

These are beautiful cards which evidently come with a variety of different photographs. This is not an oft used approach to business cards. Clearly Mr. Young specializes in photographing women in clothing from bygone eras but in poses that may be up-to-date. The sepia tone of the card helps to set the mood for his style. And, he gives us all the information we would ever need to check out his talents and to contact him easily.

When one visits Mr. Young’s website, one discovers that he is so much more than his card seems to indicate. He specializes in wedding photography and takes not only stock wedding and other photos, but also energetically fun pictures. He is talented plus he has much else to offer his clients to make their wedding day a memorable one.

While his card demonstrates his talents, we encourage adding animated photographs to his repetoire. It would go a long way toward displaying his many talents to those who hold his card for future reference – and make him more easily come to mind.

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Business cards

Ji Lee

by Russ on August 9, 2012

This card is catchy, unique and bright. It has a wide mottled gray border and touts one of the most ubiquitious names of all of cyberspace with its mulitcolored logo, but, where to go from here…

Why does one want to contact Ji? HOW does one contact Ji? We have to say – this card makes no sense!

A light bulb just turned on. Perhaps this fellow works for Google and if one puts his name in the search line, he is found.

Let me try that… [Tick, tock, tick, tock] Lo and behold, it worked! He’s a super talented guy who used to work for Google and is now with Facebook.

Ok, he’s been redeemed, but, whew, what a process for finding him!

While we appreciate creativity, we prefer ease of contact and a quick path to “Now, what do you do?” Note to Ji, put more information on your card for those of us who don’t want to work through a Rubic’s cube to find you. ;-/

Business Card

Aurimas Adomavicius

by Russ on August 8, 2012

Here is a super organic card with a prominent block logo, the holder’s name in bold and all applicable information in a dark gray tone. All this on seemingly recycled textured brown card stock.

This card is in wonderful juxtaposition with Mr. Adomavicious’ very modern business of custom web development. It is a confident card and not at all fussy, befitting a serious business. Certainly it would be easy to find among many.

His website is as inviting and bold as is his business card. He seems to have found a theme with which to market his business of web development and more. The website displays more color, yet the same clean design, that is inviting, easy to navigate and not at all intimidating.

If there was something we would add to the business card, it would definitely be Mr. Adonavicious’ type of business. While in meeting this gentleman, we would probably discuss his business, once his card is pocketed along with so many others, it might very well slip our mind.

A thumbs up, for sure, but the addition of his business is in order.

Business Cards

Paper Monkey Press

by Russ on August 7, 2012

Wow! This card not only gives you the information necessary about its business – it SHOWS you!

The business is custom letterpress printing and graphic design, and this business card puts on an exhibit for your viewing and tactile pleasure, exactly what they do so well! The owners have used an imprinted therefore three dimensional font in medium gray on what looks to be custom embossed paper stock.

Just for kicks, a bit of humor was inserted with “ring ring” next to their phone number which displays, on another level, their creativity and quirkiness. (Who doesn’t love quirky?!)

Their website continues to showcase The Paper Monkey Press’ talents by continuing the theme of medium gray font and beautiful, unique custom designs. We love the use of monkeys as clickable buttons with which to navigate the site. This puts their creativity on prominent display all the while creating a site which is very simple to click through.

Is there a down side? We don’t think so. How can they miss with a card which contains all the relevant information, leaves you with a memorable touch sensation and is a stand out in the plethora of cards one accumulates. It would be a pleasure to hold this business card in one’s hand.

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Paper Monkey Press's Letterpressed Business Card

Kim Strom

by Russ on August 6, 2012

This double-sided business card paints angular bold stripes in green and white with a distinctive predatory-looking logo. A greeting, “Hi there” is emblazoned in the same angular style; as a matter of fact, all text is angled on this card.

Not too surprisingly, this card belongs to a creative director.

The design is definitely different. All of the text is angled at a certain degree, corresponding with the background stripes of solid colors. The white on green contrast is great, and there is no confusion with respect to the name and contact information.

We know that the company does creative solutions, because that is stated, but the problem is knowing what those solutions address.

Perhaps it would have been better to list some solutions that the company does well rather than to print a big “Hi there”, which does not really do much.

Certainly, the colored background on both sides will keep the card noticed but remembering what this company does might be improved with some specific details.

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Business card

PinkPug Ink

by Russ on August 5, 2012

This single-sided pretty-in-pink business card has a few embellishments alongside its colorful design.

The card advertises homemade paper crafts using pink on a brown background. The logo is a simple string-like curling line. The company name’s huge font grabs our attention so there is no mistaking the business. A tagline beneath it tells us that we can buy paper products.

The contact information is listed clearly. But we cannot help but notice the cut corners that make this card look like a tag. The pink and white string attached to one end complements the innovative design to make it look like the card was attached to a product. The string and font color have matching pink colors for a very nice touch.

This card definitely shows off a design flair of someone who makes handmade paper crafts. If her business card is this creative, her creations should be even more so.

Perhaps she should add a little more detail as to what kinds of paper crafts she makes.

But overall, this card will stand out from the rest.

Business Card

Joshua Lee

by Russ on August 4, 2012

This two-sided black and white business card belongs to a designer, but not a graphic designer. He’s a game designer.

We know that because underneath his name, he lists his job title and that’s good. Many times, we wonder what the person does, but we have no mistaking this card because he not only tells us but he includes a game on the reverse side with simple instructions.

The contact information is listed clearly and the game is very easy to play. At least, it appears that way.

A quick visit to his humorously-titled website, which, he explains, is a simple juxtaposition of words, and not anything deeper or profounder, reveals a multi-talented and highly-skilled programmer and designer of computer-related games. And not just shoot-em-up games, but thinking games. This is, at its core, heavy-duty mathematics.

While his games are, no doubt, in color, his card is devoid of it. Would it not have been better for his card to incorporate more of his design skills, something creative and colorful to reflect his game design skills?

This is probably a self-designed card. The risks and benefits of designing your business card yourself are discussed here.

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