Brian Folchetti

by Russ on August 3, 2012

This card is a refreshing change from the norm! We meet Brian on the front and get a feel for his personality. The back of the card tells us EXACTLY what he does – no guesswork needed. And, he demonstrates his many talents right on his business card.

The informational paragraph is an intriguing concept. What grabs our attention is not the wall of text, but the highlighting of the key words in a crisp font. And, he includes an arrow pointing us straight to the information needed to contact him – email, phone number and website.

And as a big bonus, this card stands out from all others from the unique design to the catchy color scheme. Talent and savoir faire are written all over this personality-filled invitation to hire Brian.

Perhaps he could add some spacing to the paragraph, because the eye will glaze over the words, picking up only the few differently-colored ones, and skipping the rest. If his design could get the recipient to read all of the words, and not just a few of them at first glance, it would make his card much more memorable.

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Business Card Mock Up

Robbie Porter

by Russ on August 2, 2012

Many business cards earn the label of “clever”, “creative”, and “eye-catching”, but this business card is one of the few that gets the word “extremely” put in front of them, as in extremely clever, extremely creative and extremely eye-catching.

Taking the familiar medium of the standard business card, the design has been turned on its head, with handwritten information startling the reader who was, no doubt, expecting the usual print font of one form or another. A picture of a pencil replaces the standard headshot, another novel surprise.

It definitely has the look and feel of a card that has been self-designed. For standard looking cards, that is usually not a good thing. But here, the homemade look is refreshing, not to mention very memorable. But we should not be surprised that the person who designed this card is a designer himself.

Perhaps he could have added another color. It would be more indicative of his design skills. Missing is any kind of tagline and/or description of the kind of illustration and design he does.

But in a fistful of business cards, this one is certainly unusual.

Business Card

Sassen Design

by Russ on August 1, 2012

This single-sided business card has a design that is created by two rubber stamps, one with the logo and one with the information.

This is definitely cost-effective. From the looks of it, it’s also high-precision. Lining up the card and rubber stamp so that it looks machine printed should be a tedious procedure. However it’s done, the results are impressive for the technology that’s used to create them.

The contact information is listed clearly and it should not be a problem reaching him. Underneath is his job title, graphic designer, so we know what he does.

The logo dominates the card with a large black and white print. Its slant gives it an interesting feel. And here is the limitation of the rubber stamp: no color. A quick visit to his website reveals a bountiful display of colorful designs. Yet his card conveys none of that.

While this design may be good for an Information Technology person, it seems to fall short for someone who promotes his skills at creating colorful designs. If he were selling rubber stamp designs, this would be perfect. But he does so much more.

It would also help if he used some of that space to describe what kind of designs he does.

Business card

Business card

Business card

Peter Gaillard

by Russ on July 31, 2012

Classy. Steel gray with a teal blue edge. Sharp, incisive. Distinguished. The red dots add a touch of movement, airiness and color.

Rarely does a card say so much. Follow the particulars to his website and get a blast of images which show his range of graphic talent. It seems Peter has chosen a stately card because he could never capture the motion of many of his photographs, video shorts and designs in a mere business card.

His name stands out – it’s the first thing we see. Thankfully, he lists his areas of specialty – motion graphics, design and photography. This will definitely help us remember what he does.

Perhaps, as a designer, he could design a logo for his business card. It would nail down his branding, since everything he does revolves around images.

Like his card, Peter is one-of-a-kind in his industry and well worth more than a coup d’oeil.

Peter-Gaillard's Grey Business Card


by Russ on July 30, 2012

This one-sided business card has a catchy design with a gray background which makes it stand out among a drawer full of business cards. Each line is separated using color and font sizes for a stand out presentation. The cute little yellow monster in the corner peeks out at you to see if you will purchase a scarf.

That they make scarves for your monster is obvious although the necessity for clothing one’s monster is less obvious. Regardless, Scarfmonsters seems to be just the business to turn to when needing to keep your monster warm. And all of the contact information is right on the front of the card.

It would have been nice to see what scarves are available for the monsters and for what kinds of monsters they make scarves. That kind of information makes a card like this much more useful.

So, with a card this memorable, get yourself a chilly monster right away!

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Business cards :)

Jake Mates

by Russ on July 29, 2012

This exotic business card is metal, most likely aluminum. The hole pattern on both ends plus the holes in the big three-letter logo give it, um, a holesome look. The rounded corners give it a smoother look and feel, which helps a metal card more so than a standard paper stock one, not to mention making the corners safer.

It’s hard to tell if there is any color on the card or if the colored look is due to a reflection on the metallic surface. Either way, the information is etched into the card, making for a very different and unusual feel.

His job title is listed clearly – web designer – which tells us immediately who he is and that is good. His contact information is clearly listed.

His website reveals him to be a very talented and skilled young man who has done some work for big Fortune 500 companies. This card, no doubt, reflects those successful accomplishments.

This card will definitely stand out both from a visual and tactile standpoint. While expensive, these metal cards convey a level of success that the prospective client can have by using his services.

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Business Card

Alison Ivosevich

by Russ on July 28, 2012

This two-sided business card features a curious logo of an “A” with a big dot over it, all within a circle. On one side is a photo of what looks to be a huge industrial complex, filled with large structures , perhaps some chemical processing plant or nuclear reactor.

Whatever it is, it is an odd picture to use in association with someone who does not appear to be connected with this industry. That conclusion can be drawn due to the fact that no company is listed in the contact information.

The picture is in grayscale, adding a somber look to the card. Only the logo adds some life and novelty to what is otherwise a dull image.

The contact information is listed clearly – phone number, e-mail, city and state.

Now if only we knew what this card was trying to accomplish. Was it a business card to advertise her services?

Was it a personal card – if so, why the dreary factory picture?

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Business Cards


by Russ on July 27, 2012

The name of this business is the prominent feature of this business card. The orange color, in one large rectangular block and one small rectangular block, provide the only coloration. Black and white are used judiciously to round out a rather angular design.

On the reverse is a somewhat cryptic statement, “Click. We just saved you a thousand words.” Playing off the familiar statement, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, this humorous line implies that the professional photographic services offered by this company save a lot of effort.

The only contact information is a URL which leads to a website that offers a wide range of photographic services including Portraits & Fashion, Weddings & Engagements, Products, Food & Restaurant, Vehicles, Machinery & Transportation, Architecture, Interiors & Exteriors and Real Estate Listings.

This business is actually a group of freelance professional photographers in Calgary, Canada. Their website is full of beautiful samples of their work in each category.

With such a varied list of photographic offerings, it is puzzling why the card is so bland and bereft of any information that would help one understand what kind of photography they do. It seems that detailed information, not a clever slogan, would be more informative and useful.

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Business Card Design Calgary

Ben Ehmke

by Russ on July 27, 2012

This is a very nicely-designed two-sided business card. It has a great layout and good color scheme. The tannish background sets enables the soft colors and curvy logo to give the card a nice warmth. The slogan is short, catchy and to the point. A very creative motto that is easy to remember.

The logo’s handwritten style gives it an earthy inviting feel. The birds add variety and balance while the silhouettes of the people

This card answers all of the important questions: Who, What, When, How?

The name and job title are big, bright and clear. His contact information is similarly laid out. For good measure, the simple but informative map on the reverse side is juxtaposed with that critical piece of information, the start time of the Sunday morning worship service. The website’s URL complements those two elements nicely, again in curvy fashion, and fills out the card. No wasted space.

This business card should have no problems standing out from the rest of the pack. It sets high expectations for the church to meet.

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Business Card - LCC

Josh Kaplan

by Russ on July 25, 2012

This black and white business card relies on novelty to get noticed. Does it work? Let us count the ways.

The most prominent feature of this card is the bar code. It is probably the code for the name of the business, Stickbob Design Studios, since the name is right underneath the code. The code is not too big to overwhelm the design and not too small so as to have us guessing what the card is about.

The contact information is displayed quite clearly. There should be no problem contacting Josh or going to the website.

But we run into a few problems. What does Josh do? We have no idea. It would be better for him to have listed his job title. Or at least make one up.

What kind of design does this company do? Brochures? Booklets? Websites? Bar codes?

The card would be better if it were more informative. While the bar code is different, the novelty wears off.

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Business Card