Michael Bade, Photographer

by Russ on May 21, 2012

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This double-sided business card is for a very talented and prolific photographer who specializes in engagement pictures, portraits, adventure photography and fine art photos.

His business card features a closeup in full color of his own face wearing sunglasses. Fans of The Matrix will think of Agent Smith. To the right, his name is displayed most prominently, in a thin black sans serif font. Underneath is his job title, followed by his e-mail address and telephone number. At the bottom is his website and blog URL.

On the reverse, he features another picture of himself, this time in black and white and looking at us from the right, with an elaborate mustache.

The choice of images is perplexing, as prospective clients are interested in his ability to photograph other people, not himself. Furthermore, both pictures look intimidating. The photo of him in the sunglasses resembles the face of one who wants to hide while the other picture shows an unfriendly glare.

Why not put samples of his work that he did for paying customers? Something for which someone might hire him?

Business Card - Idea


Dana Maltby

by Russ on May 20, 2012

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Dana is a creature of the night when he paints with light. That is, he shines lights in brilliant displays of colored illuminations and photographs the result. “Light painting”, an esoteric art that could not have been possible without electricity nor the light bulb, can achieve some very exotic works of art.

No doubt, Dana has honed his craft for years.

When it comes to communicating those talents and skills on a small business card, there is not much to inform the reader what exactly he does. The back of the card is customized with images of his creations – and he relies on that to be remembered.

But it certainly wouldn’t hurt to add a line or two to the card as to what he does. When you visit his website, he is careful to list all of the different categories of his creations. Why not on the card?

The information side of the card is bland and not at all consistent with the sparkling splash of color on the image side.

Dana Maltby business cards


Sushi House

by Russ on May 19, 2012

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This double-sided business card is for district manager of a fictitious Japanese sushi restaurant. In a bit of unintended foresight, there is actually a restaurant by this name at this URL.

The background of the front side is a creative slightly-wrinkled white paper effect. The two words of the restaurant name, in big bold letters, are stacked vertically and go from black in the first word to red in the second word. A sushi icon fills in the space after the first word.

The icon is black, with a white filling (resembling rice) and red inner core, perhaps a nod to fish eggs?

The district manager’s name imitates the color scheme in a smaller font, black first name, red second name, so that one’s eyes move naturally from the top down.

The contact information is listed in a wispy thin font, hardly visible until one finishes reading the names.

On the reverse side, a bright red background features the sushi roll icon, this time with a white outer roll and white inner roll, and the website underneath.

The important information is displayed clearly. However, a tagline would have been appropriate here. Are there any specialties? List them.

While it is the district manager’s card, a map would not have hurt either.

Sushi House

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Shira Adivi

by Russ on May 18, 2012

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Done by a professional graphic artist, this design has a big wow factor. There is a high degree of sophistication to the design but the information is still clear.

Both sides of the card are used, which will make this card stand out. The colors are bold while the graphic elements have a very subtle touch to them.

Perhaps she could have listed some of things she designs? Graphic design is a wide field, so it would help to have some specificity.

A graphic artist’s business card is automatically assumed to be done by the artist. Unlike many other jobs, which are not related to design, she has the chance to showcase her skills on her card. The effort she puts into the card indicates the kind of effort she does for her customers.

With this business card, Shira has created a very impressive sample of her work. This card will stand out among the stash of cards that gather in the desk drawer.

Business Card


homegrown skinny

by Russ on May 17, 2012

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This business card comes from someone who sells handmade goods out of her home. She makes and sells hip bags, pouches, vintage inspired aprons, retro pillows and more.

The card’s background color has that Southwestern United States feel to it, as if one were in the desert; Arizona or New Mexico, perhaps. Of course, that giant plant that dominates the design looks like it has a cactus trunk.

The lush plant, with a cascade of flowers on top and aloe vera-like leaves on the bottom, grabs one’s attention. But what does it have to do with homemade products? There is no obvious connection between the plant and the products.

It is a good thing she lists the products since the design does not help much. Perhaps the silhouettes of some of her products, instead of the plant, could serve as the backdrop.

Her contact information is clear, which is also good.

As she designs her own products, she has demonstrated her skills with this card. Unlike many other professions, the business card is a sample of what a designer can do. Therefore, it is in her best interests to put a significant amount of creativity into her business card and impress prospective customers.

She has created an elaborate design but it appears to be unrelated to her products.

Business Card....


Melinda Josie

by Russ on May 16, 2012

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Here is a simple business card that seems to be a personal card rather than one given to prospective customers.

The earthy colors look very nice and look good together. The simple yet distinctive logo looks wonderful, both on her card and as her website’s favicon.

Unfortunately, there is no tagline or indication of what she does. Her website reveals that she is an artist and illustrator, “[u]tilizing traditional mediums”, as she “explores themes of folklore and fantasy in the realms of everyday reality.” It would be nice to see some of those themes of folklore and fantasy show up on the card.

The business should have some of these details on the card so that prospective clients know what she does.

As an artist/illustrator, Melinda has the perfect opportunity to impress someone with her skills by putting a really nice design on the card. She can show how well she uses colors and draws patterns. Regrettably, neither is evident. The drawing of the plant is nice, but just a nice start.

This business card does not do enough to distinguish itself from the pack.

Business Card

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Javier Garcia

by Russ on May 15, 2012

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Javier’s business card has a very nice color contrast. The name, tagline, logo and contact information all stand out.

There are some fancy features here with the letterpress and colored edge.

Letterpress is a technique whereby the text is indented into the paper, with or without ink. Embossing is raised above the normal surface, debossing is pressing into the surface. Both the image (curvy rectangle) and the text is said to be debossed.

In order for debossing to work, the card must be of thicker stock. The card costs will be higher with this specialized technique and heavier paper, but it definitely leaves a better impression.

Ironically, letterpressing was done at the time the printing press wan invented in the mid-1400s by Johannes Gutenberg, and was the normal method of printing. It continued right up to the 1800s.

There could be a little more information as to what kinds of design and illustration he does but a quick trip to his website will clear that up.

A designer’s business card is critical to getting clients because it gives prospective customers an idea of the quality of his work. A business card is not a sample of a car mechanic’s work, but it is for a designer. A designer should treat the card like an audition.

New business card by Javier Garcia


Mr. T Consultancy

by Russ on May 14, 2012

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Is this for real? If only.

This card gets right to the point and lists Mr. T’s available services. They hearken back to the days of his character, B.A. Baracus (where B.A. mean “Bad Attitude”) of the 1980s television show, “The A-Team”.

It was there that Mr. T made his name with such phrases as “I pity the fool” and “Sucka”.

In fact, he almost gave up saying, “I pity the fool!”, but he never promised to stop saying, “Sucka!”

Despite his massive muscles, ill temper and aggressive nature, he loved his milk. Not whiskey or beer.

The odd curiosity is the Breeam assessment. That seems to be a reference to the United Kingdom’s Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method, a measurement rating for green buildings. Though not mandatory, it has spawned other programs around the world.

While Mr. T never did much in the UK, his construction skills are probably being referred to here.

Expertise in gold is definitely obvious, with the amount of gold he wore.

The contact information is clear, though a website should have been listed as well.

The blue color ties in well with the background in the photo.

A photo is definitely needed for this card, since the services listed do require someone who can deliver the goods, or the knockout in this case.

The tagline, which is so well connected with him, is appropriate.

MR T Consultancy

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