Adam Nyholt

by Russ on June 6, 2013

This double-sided business card is for a photographer.

The card has a black and white color scheme; white background on one side, black background on the other. The front, is a small white logo on the black side. There appears to be no text, although part of the card is obscured, so there could be text underneath.

The other side, which is white, has the photographer’s name, job title and then phone number, e-mail address and website URL at the bottom.

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A business card for an artist, of which this photographer is one, is an excellent opportunity to showcase some samples. For a photographer, it would be picture or two. Regrettably, this card does not take advantage of that. In fact, the card’s black and white theme contrasts sharply with the photographer’s medium, color photography.

So it is odd that he does not use one of the two sides of his business card to illustrate his work and odder still that he would use black and white to convey the work he does, which is in color.

Adam Nyholt Photography business card


Clint Shuttlesworth

by Russ on May 25, 2013

This double-sided business card advertises for a photographer.

With a gold and black color scheme, the front has a black background and the back has a gold background with a partial white trim.

What looks like the logo is on the front and is the only design element. It looks like the photographer’s first name overlaying a square. The top and bottom of the square are all that is visible.

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On the reverse, the name and job title is listed in the upper left and his contact information in the lower right, including e-mail address, phone number and website URL.

As a photographer, he has the opportunity to include a sample of his work, unlike most other jobs such as a computer programmer or health food store owner. So it would be to his advantage to include one of the nice photos he has taken to give prospective customers an idea of what he can do.

Regrettably, he has not done so, even with twice the amount of space a normal business card has.

It would also help if he indicated what kind of photography he specialized in.

Clint Shuttlesworth Photography business card


Micah Dubinko

by Russ on May 21, 2013

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This single-sided business card is for a senior research developer for Yahoo.

On a plain white background, the trademark purple highlights the company name, person’s name and company logo. His job title and contact information – his street address, telephone number, fax number mobile phone number, e-mail address and Yahoo ID, are in a plain black font.

The company name is also the company’s main logo and it dominates the upper left part of the card. The secondary logo in the lower right reinforces the branding.

There is no tagline on this card, typical of large corporations that rely on the strength of its name to carry all of the information. The plain white background is also typical of this category of business cards where there is no need to sell catch the attention of prospective customers.

This card is most likely used to exchange contact information at conferences and trade shows.

yahoo business card


Cristian Streng

by Russ on May 17, 2013

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This single-sided business card is for a technical manager of mobile apps architectural company.

The thicker than normal card stock, rounded corners, textured surface and debossed text communicate instant professionalism. A lot of extra features have gone into this card’s design.

The background is solid white and a large light green logo sits in the upper left, under which is the job title.

On the right the contact information is listed including the name, job title, mobile phone number, e-mail address, street address and website URL.

This card impresses people right from the start. The heavier weight and rough feel distinguishes this from most other cards. The rounded corners and debossing multiply the professionalism as the card is viewed.

The job description states clearly what this person does, letting people know exactly what he does.

This business card will be remembered with no problem.

Mobiversal Business Card



by Russ on May 10, 2013

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This single-sided business card is for a photography business.

This attractive-looking card owes its distinctive look and feel to a thicker card stock with debossing. Debossing is making depressions in the material. In order for the debossing to work, the material has to be thick enough. Thicker paper costs more money, so this is definitely an upgraded business card

The debossed areas are either black or lime green. The black lettering is reserved for the contact information: business name, mobile phone number, telephone and fax number and e-mail address. The lime green coloring is used for the tagline and website URL.

The tagline stands out front and center, and tells us what the business is about. It has a very playful design to it, fitting in with the theme of the tagline.

This card is not for any particular person, as no one’s name appears on it.

A nice graphic would complement the tagline but overall, this card will have no problems getting noticed and remembered.

All About Kids Photography


Paul Nealy

by Russ on May 7, 2013

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This double-sided business card is for a digitarian.

The card has a distinctive shape to it, with scooped corners to form a very attractive outline. One side is black with a white font and the other side is white with a black font.

The black side has a tagline, a little bit of design and a humorous description. The white side has the name, job title, e-mail address, website, two phone numbers and then the company name and address at the bottom. The name is in a very stylish font while the rest of the information is in a plain font.

The company name has what looks to be the logo in it.

Regrettably, it is not clear what this person does or what a digitarian is.

A quick look at the word digitaria reveals it to be one of 300 kinds of grass that are native to the tropical and warm temperate regions. A common name for it is “crabgrass”. This grass is not very comfortable on which to lie down, and has the texture of steel wool. It is mainly considered a weed, though there are practical food uses of this plant for both humans and livestock. This is hardly the intention of this business card.

The tagline does not help and with a double-sided card, some more descriptive information could have been included.

This card would leave people more puzzled than informed.

Antidote X


Nikolai Koval

by Russ on May 1, 2013

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This double-sided business card is for a director of a carpentry and building services company in London.

The design has a simple blue, white and dark gray color scheme. For the white background, the font colors are dark blue and dark gray. For the dark blue background, the font is white.

On one side, the logo and company name is listed prominently. To the right is a winglike graphic, no doubt a reference to the Greek messenger god, Hermes.

A tagline right underneath describes what the company does.

The director’s name and job title are listed, followed by his telephone/fax number, mobile phone number and e-mail address.

Lastly, the street address of the business.

On the other side, the logo and company name is displayed in the same exact style as the white background version, along with the winged graphic on the right.

Regrettably, the rest of the card is obscured, so hopefully, the text includes a listing of what the company does.

Hermes CBS,carpentry London, business card, logotype, stationary, identity,


Kyle Hale

by Russ on April 29, 2013

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This double-sided business card is for a graphic designer.

The color scheme is orange and white. One side has a white background with the name in a large orange font while the other side has an orange background with the name in a large white font.

The job title and local geographic area are listed right below the name on both sides.

On the white side is additional information including the Twitter account, website URL and e-mail address.

The business card is an opportunity for a graphic designer to showcase his work. By displaying his design skills on his card, he gives a prospective client a good idea of what kind of work he can do.

If he fails to do this, people will have a lower perception of his skills because the expectation is that his card is a reflection of his work.

This card has a minimal logo and very little in the way of any kind of design.

Business Card


Alistair Holt

by Russ on April 28, 2013

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This double-sided business card is for someone who is a graphic designer, website designer and website developer.

The first aspect of this design that attracts attention is its miniature size. It is half the size of a normal one. While it is double-sided, it contains a minimal amount of information.

On one side is a solid color background with a logo, or at least some kind of graphical element.

On the other side are three lines of information. The website URL, name and job title, all in black lettering on a solid white background.

This designer must be on a tight budget. A designer’s card raises expectations because the card is a sample of his design work. Regrettably, there is not much design on this card. A designer’s business card is a preview of the kind of the work a client can expect to get.

While the job title is descriptive, there is not much else in this design that sets it apart from the others. The half-size dimensions make it even less attractive. The designer should have created something that will make people want to utilize his services.

business card 3


Eric Nagel

by Russ on April 26, 2013

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This is a single-sided business card for a Google employee with a dubious job title.

The plain white background is typical of large corporate business cards, much like the one from IBM. The colorful and distinctive logo sits in the upper left, under which there is a large blank space and then the famous URL.

On the right-hand side is a list of information including the name, job title, street address, office phone number, main switchboard phone number, fax number and e-mail address.

Google is known for fostering a humorous attitude towards the work environment, so the one thing that attracts one’s attention is the job title, “Director of Common Sense”.

This raises the question as to whether or not he has others in this department: perhaps a Vice President of Common Sense or a Manager of Common Sense. Perhaps he is the sole employee in this department because his company does not have much common sense.

The direct phone number and the main phone number are identical, and most likely do not need repeating, since most people are not concerned about which number reaches him; they are concerned with reaching him using any phone number.

There is no description of what he actually does so this card is not attempting to gain customers. Most likely, this is a secondary business card given to friends and colleagues.