Andrew Webb

by Russ on April 22, 2013

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This single-sided business card is for an IT specialist who works for IBM in the United Kingdom.

This plain vanilla business card is pretty much a listing of contact information.

In the left column is the name, job title, department, sub-group name and group name. In the right column is mailing address, phone number, mobile phone number, e-mail address and Mobex number.

This business card is not designed to get customers. It is merely informational.

The IBM logo provides the only color on this black and white card. It is an otherwise boring card with lots of text and no real attempt at design. Presumably, no design is needed because this kind of person would not be attempting to get business for the company.



Philip Lester

by Russ on April 20, 2013

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This single-sided business card is for a designer and developer of websites. But what a side!

It has a logo in a prominent font in the upper left, followed by the company name and website in a tiny font.

In the lower left is his name and e-mail address while his phone numbers sit in the lower right.

All of the lettering is in a smooth black font on a translucent plastic card. This effect sets it apart from 99% of all other cards.

However, the coolness factor runs out of steam with its lack of important information.

There is no job title, tagline or indication of what this person does. While prospective clients would hold onto the card just for its uniqueness, it would be difficult to remember what skills this person has based on the card’s contents. The card should have more information on it.



Cheeters Running Shoes

by Russ on April 17, 2013

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This single-sided business card is in great taste. In fact, it is in great taste. It is an edible business card made of chocolate and advertises for a brand of running shoes.

The card has a top and bottom border of a stream of runners making their way across the card. In the middle is the logo, consisting of a word in large font and the silhouettes of three runners. Behind them are the outlines of three overlapping soles.

A catchy slogan in the upper left completes the message.

There is not much of a message but there does not have to be to catch one’s attention. This mouth-watering business card is sure to be remembered, if not saved, by all who take one or two or three.

Chances are, these cards will be consumed on the spot, as they are too tempting to go uneaten for long. They will certainly not survive hot weather.

This expensive card will be remembered for its taste and hopefully for the company that it advertises.

Chocolate Business Card


Alma grid

by Russ on April 13, 2013

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This single-sided business card is for a virtual laboratory at Liège University in Belgium.

The layout is divided into half, with the left side for graphics and logos, and the right side for information.

The logo contains two words and intersecting lines, consistent with the second word in the name, grid. Four dots on the grid represent the four research facilities that are connected via this grid. Underneath in small lettering is a short description, “the virtual lab”.

A large gray square in the lower left corner almost dominates the card. It does not quite dominate because the gray has nothing distinctive about it except for two intersecting lines and a large dot at that intersection adjacent to the lower left corner. The website is listed.

Much more eye-catching than this nondescript gray square is the information, starting with the name of the office, street address, phone number, fax number and e-mail address.

No name is listed, so this card must be for the facility itself.

No tagline or description is listed either, so the conclusion that must be drawn about this card is that it is for informational purposes only, and not trying to solicit business. The only people who would be interested in this business card would be people who already have prior interest in this place.

Business Cards Alma Grid Project



by Russ on April 10, 2013

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This single-sided business card is for a handmade upscale fabric store in London, UK.

The vertical format allows for a full-length drawing of an attractive young woman wearing a 1920s-era Flapper Dress. The black, short skirt drapes on her faintly drawn body while her luscious red lips stand out against the white and black drawing.

The website is listed at the bottom in all uppercase while a smaller tagline describing how it is made and its place of manufacture shows underneath, also in uppercase.

The intent of the image is to draw people to the website with its attractiveness. No further information about the store or the products is listed. This seems to reduce effectiveness of the card, since people may not be sure what exactly are the handmade items. Or in this case, assume that dresses are being sold when in fact it is the material that is for sale.

Perhaps a more descriptive tagline about the product itself, and not where it is made, would help prospective customers remember to shop at this online store.

My Business Cards.


Prashanna Jayaseelan

by Russ on April 7, 2013

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This single-sided business card is for a creative director and cinematographer.

A thick white cotton card provides the background for a four-color design. A logo, composed of the four colors, dominates the card. It is a symmetrical abstract design with the colors intersecting in the middle to produce orange.

A three-word tagline in a large font appears underneath. It reads “p-your vision.”

The name is displayed in a smaller font, with the job title following. The phone number, city and country, e-mail address and website fill out the rest of the information.

As soon as the word “creative” shows up in a job title, expectations increase dramatically. This is because people expect a creative person to demonstrate that creativity in the card design. This is a two-edged sword. On the one hand, it gives the prospective client a sample of the work that can be done.

On the other hand, if that sample fails, then it is a bad reflection on the business.

This card demonstrates a good design that is clean and colorful. The thicker card feels and looks more sophisticated.

The only issue would be the tagline – what does that mean? What does it mean to p-your vision? This has an odd and distracting connotation when it comes to p-ing something.

Four Colors Letterpress Business Card


data matters

by Russ on April 4, 2013

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This single-sided business card is for someone who works for a company called data matters.

The basic color scheme is white and gray, both in the colors of the text and the background. The logo also drives the design, a three-by-three matrix of solid blue circles.

Overtly, the matrix and company name, with an exclamation point separating the two words of the name, dominate the card as it sits in the upper left. The letters are gray except for the first letter of each word, which is blue.

Subtly, a faint three-by-three matrix of faint solid blue circles sits in the lower left corner, and is seen only after a few minutes of study. The company name is rotated 90 degrees so that the tops of the letters are vertical. It too, has the same color scheme as the logo, and is also subtly blended into the background.

The information is listed clearly – name, phone number, fax number, e-mail address and website.

The big question is: what does this person do? There is no job title or description of what this person does.

It would be helpful to include some clue as to what he does.

This card has some great design, but the content is the bare minimum.

Business Cards Data Matters


Robots Are Awesome

by Russ on January 24, 2013

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This business card is for a small business called HerArtSheLoves that makes little sculptures made of clay and wire.

The card is black and white, with large lettering for the business name, “Robots Are Awesome”. A cute little robot head peeks out from behind the word “Robots”. Next comes the website’s URL which redirects to an Etsy shop.

The unique selling proposition appears front and center, One-of-a-kind Handmade Robot Sculptures. At the bottom are the two ways to contact the business: through Twitter and Facebook.

The design of this card is naturally appealing, with its little robot icon and the big rounded font used for the business name. The description of the business, “One-of-a-kind Handmade Robot Sculptures” lets the person know exactly what this business is about. That is good because there is no time or energy wasted for people who are not interested in that kind of product.

Perhaps the only surprising design element is the lack of color. Since the products and website are colorful, it would be natural to expect the business card to convey that and to keep the branding consistent across the website and business card.

Golden Gyro Robot Business Card Holder


Mike Anderson

by Russ on January 11, 2013

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A textured business card is always appreciated because it gives us something to hold on to. This is a card with a striking chocolate front containing simply a unique logo evoking an infinite supply of ideas.

The business side repeats the logo with a pumpkin-colored center added and continues the color for the name of this consulting enterprise on the left half.

The right half lays out all of the information needed to contact the company and to visit for a consultation topped off by the card holder’s name in the aforementioned pumpkin.

The well thought out mix of only four colors (counting the gray of the logo on the front) and the clean font bode well for a operation which prides itself, one suspects, on clarity and organization.

When we put the elements together – texture, rich, warm color, and a clean font in a modern style – we have a full recipe for a business card that will not stray from the pack and yet will be easily found when required.

Dogwood Business Cards


Peter Franc

by Russ on January 7, 2013

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We began by checking out Mr. Franc’s website because in the photograph above we cannot read the card, only see the visuals. We were so mesmerized we had to tear ourselves away to write this review!

He has created astonishing photos organized in a relatively easy-to-access format. His site is a perfect complement to his business card. We beg you to finish reading this review before you click on his site link below because we may not get you back. ;-0

Back to the business at hand. The front of the card, in snow white card stock, is a fascinating photo of Mr. Franc in a glass bubble with, we assume, all the information we need to engage his services. The photo in and of itself draws one to the card and invites one to keep it for future reference.

Apparently the back of each card can have any one of a number of his stunning photographs. What better way to show the potential client his remarkable talents – a technique we heartily support.

Okay, okay, go ahead and click below for a feast for the eyes. Be sure to find the section entitled “Yemen – Socotra Island” in the lower left and corner of his menu for a special treat. Enjoy!

Peter Franc’s website

business cards