Livia Caporale

by Russ on December 29, 2012

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We have a look here that is smashingly different than most any other business card we have reviewed. How refreshing!

The card stock is richly textured and a deep, dark, luscious color – black, or even better, intense navy blue? The debossed font is printed in a delicate silver.

Add a flourish on the top and another on the bottom, Ms. Caporale’s name in a strong, feminine script and we have a powerful yet nuanced invitation to hire her to look our best.

This hairstylist specializes in weddings, fashion and commercial print and works on location. The design of her card states clearly that she is talented and creative. The goal of warmly, yet firmly encouraging us to partake in her skill is accomplished.

This card reflects her website seamlessly. We have all the information we need to get in touch and make an appointment. Kudos for this striking card that surely will not get lost in the stack. Don’t ya just wanna curl up and dye?!

Letterpress Business Card - Silver/Black

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Sugar Daze Bake Shop

by Russ on December 22, 2012

This baker bridges the pond deftly with her fusion of the American and the French. We have a business card that is wonderfully-designed and typeset vertically as opposed to horizontally as with most cards.

The base color is a light chocolate brown with the important information placed in menu pull down-like blue rectangles.

“Cupcake Americain” is a hybrid of American and French, with “cupcake” distinctly American and Americain distinctly French–how cool is that?! And just for good measure, we learn that the bakery operates out of Paris apparently by mail order.

A large strawberry pink star proclaims that these mini cakes are authentic and draws our eye to the card. And we cannot help but be reminded of distinctly American pom-poms and rousing cheers as we move on down to the explosion of stars and the name of the business, “Sugar Daze.” (Or is the name of the business “Cupcake Americain?”)

We continue with the baker, “Little Miss Cupcake,” and the necessary website and email address prominently in view. This seems to be an Internet-based business as there is no address nor phone number.

Wait a minute! A look at the website tells us that they do have have bakery location in the Pigalle section of the city. Hmm, it might be wise to include this information on this business card. Plus, we learn that they make a wide variety of American bakery goods, not just cupcakes. Sacré bleu!

While this card is shy some important information, it still has an Americain flair which draws expats and Frenchmen alike to this Parisian-based purveyor of cupcakes. We just hope they can find the shop for some yummy treats!

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Little Miss Cupcake is Now.....


Terroir & Burger

by Russ on December 17, 2012

We are most struck at the outset by the clever name of this establishment, not to mention the design. The first word, terroir, tells us not only that they serve wine but probably with great insight.

Terroir is a French word with deep roots. It speaks to a particular wine’s geographic origins and all that is embodied for that particular cru, including geology and climate, in its interaction with the target grape.

The second word, “burger,” is ever so American. (Okay, okay, it was adopted from the German town of Hamburg where they made a popular dish of pounded steak.) But ham (?) burgers in Paris?

So we have a mélange of the French and the American, and a suggestion of the quality of the beef as it exhibits its own terroir of sorts.

Whew! Back to the topic at hand, the business card review: We have a straightforward card in natural brown with a logo clearly demonstrating what is offered.

Even the tag line tells us that this bar (at once a French and English word and not to be confused with the American style, often low brow, drinking establishment) which serves a variety of items.

The reverse tells us all we need to know to go and enjoy a fabulous burger and a fine glass of wine. A look at their website is inviting and confirms that the burgers will be à la française. Be sure to save a seat for us!

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That’s It

by Russ on December 8, 2012

Another super unique and enticing business card that at first blush gets mega kudos for design!

Let’s begin with the shape, which shows that these folks think OUT of the box. When a card is not the usual ho hum rectangle, it is already at an advantage within the ubiquitous stack on one’s desk.

Then the front is bright white with cutouts for the name of the business, “That’s It!,” with the logo and tag line in crimson and punctuated by the same bold color.

The back is black, with the cutouts – of course, how else could it be done?! – and complemented with the use of crimson once again for the information needed to contact this establishment.

Our only concern is knowing exactly what they do, but it must be something innovative. While these folks put “your ideas in a box,” they surely thought out of the box in creating such a show-stopping design for their business.

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business card That's it!


Hermes CBS

by Russ on December 1, 2012

Sharp card! We love the contrasting sides and assume that the navy blue side is the general company information while the white side is for the individual carpenter.

This business card is crisp, clean and clear. The name of the company graces both sides in an interesting and eye-catching combination of bold and standard fonts.

The logo is attached to the name of the company and repeated elsewhere on the card in a much larger size and in outline form to give balance to the design.

Right up front, the type of establishment is made clear as is the person to whom the card belongs. All relevant information is present.

This card is built right. Even though the style doesn’t scream “carpentry” it does say “thoughtful, organized, custom business with a touch of class.”

The many contrasts – navy and white, opaque and outline, bold and standard – create a custom card that nails down confidence in Hermes CBS’s creativity.

Sometimes the unexpected is just what is needed to draft in the discriminating customer.

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Hermes CBS,carpentry London, business card, logotype, stationary, identity,


Restaurant La Tapenade

by Russ on November 21, 2012

Our mouth is watering just looking at this card. It is easy to imagine a delicious, fresh meal awaiting our palate.

This business card is on a rich, earthy stock which appears to be textured. The font is all a luscious olive green with interesting variation and of a type that speaks of homemade dishes.

The restaurant’s name is front and center. A tasty olive branch gives some quaint decoration and gives us a feel of both delicious and healthy offerings. Is that a tin of olive oil we see hanging from the branch?

While a plain and straightforward card, we have all the information we need to find our way to La Tapenade, to know when they are open and to savor their specialties from Nice and Provence.

The rich graphic in the upper left is not a logo, but should have been, for easier identification.

We have a simple, bucolic yet elegant card which invites us to dine in a homey and cozy venue. Bon appetit!

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ephemera - Nice, Restaurant La Tapenade, business card


Charavet & Cie

by Russ on October 15, 2012

Charavet & Cie – Business Card, 1862

Maker: Graveur Stern
Nationality: France
Medium: coated paper engraving
Size: 2.7″ x 3.9″
Location: France

It is trés charmant to see a business card from a long ago era. In 1862, the United States was in the throes of the Civil War. France had had its Revolution, King Louis Philippe I had been disposed of in a coup d’état as the last King of France and Napoleon III was ruling the Second French Empire.

With the lack of the fancy printing capabilities that we have today, M Charavet was able to create an eminently readable card using only white card stock and black lettering. Fonts were used to their highest effect with their variety, some curved lines of text were employed and a wonderful example of his “engraved” type photography was added.

Photography was a nascent business at this point in history. This card is a fine example of the creative use of the tools available in the mid-nineteenth century for great effect: black and white yet with much variety and M Chavaret included an example of his work, always a grande idée.

One more historical event in 1862: France invaded Mexico, were routed by the Mexicans and henceforth we celebrate Cinco de Mayo. We wonder if M Chavaret would have liked to have been there to record the battles. Peut-être.

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Charavet & Cie - Business Card, 1862


Marie-Lise Ehret

by Russ on October 8, 2012

This card is the epitome of simple and straightforward. It is white with a common black font. Fortunately, the name and profession are in bold and the name is a bit larger than the remainder of the information offered. Sadly, this is one business card that will indeed get very lost among all those one tends to accumulate.

Photographed on a car parked on Rue du Bac, a typical narrow Parisian street, one wonders why these cars were targeted. Are the ones who park along this cramped street prospective customers?

As a psychoanalyst, Dr. (we presume, but there is no indication here) Ehret perhaps did not want to clutter up the minds of her potential patients. But we believe this is taking it too far. This card should at the very least give us a reason to choose this professional based on a sense of competence in order to develop confidence.

We are finding it difficult to review this plain jane vanilla introduction to a person with what we assume is much education and expertise.

Please seriously consider adding color, using a more interesting font, a logo perhaps – even if it is simply a monogram. And definitely let the world know your education level. How about a brief website just so a person in need of these services can gain some confidence in choosing you over others in your field? My – are we glad we have our wits about us!

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Business Card


Chezka R. Vidal

by Russ on October 8, 2012

Before us is a chic black business card with bright white print and a lovely lady peeking out from around the edge. The script font of this unique enterprise’s name evokes kisses on a sunny day in Paris. A summery beach bag placed a bit askew shows us instantly what type of products are offered.

This entrepreneur includes much information revealing that she is truly plugged into today’s world marketing outreach. This is always a positive, although we would prefer to see a more interesting, yet still readable font. Perhaps avoiding all uppercase letters so we don’t feel that we are being screamed at…

Taking a look at Ms. Vidal’s website finds us bathed in red. Not expected, but we get a pop of black with this card front and center on the first page. Clearly this is a start up business so we applaud her spunk and will not judge too harshly that the card and site don’t mesh well.

We say: “Give these bags a try!” One question, though, “Where is the beach in Paris?!”

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BIZ CARD FINAL 3.5 x2 back to back PNG


Info Jocks

by Russ on October 6, 2012

This two-sided business card advertises the services of sports statistics for the major American sports of baseball, basketball, football and hockey. There is no better way to show off sports acumen than by being able to recite arcane percentages in front of your drinking buddies with a beer in one hand and a handful of chips in the other as you watch the game in your living room or at the local sports bar.

As the website is not active as of this writing, it is not clear if these services were intended for professional or consumer customers. However, the images do convey some serious number-crunching. Thus, their market could be the serious sports fan. But how would these business cards be handed out to customers? Perhaps at sporting events, conventions and local sporting good stores.

The logo and name dominate the front of the card. A football helmet and what looks to be a tie serves as the logo. The tie does double duty as the letter “j” in the business name. A crafty Scrabble-like juxtaposition of words, or words and images in this case.

An informative tagline completes the front side, telling us precisely what they offer. All of the lettering is in white while the background is one of four solid colors.

On the back, the color scheme reverses so that the lettering is now on a white background and the text color matches the front. A humorous cartoon character dominates the left side of the card. The name, job title and contact information are listed clearly.

It will not be hard to remember this card with its nice graphics, striking colors and simple design. But to whom do they offer their services? Perhaps the card could include that detail. Having sports statistics is great, but paying for them is another matter.

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