Henry Rodriguez

by Russ on October 5, 2012

This single-sided business card advertises the rather odd combination of the services of a tattoo artist and a custom tattoo machine builder! He can give you a tattoo or a machine that makes tattoos. He uses his own machines many times before passing them on to new owners, thus ensuring their integrity.

The ornate font is very eye-catching, styled with flourishes and a nice elegant border. The entire design is done in a nice earthy dark brown tone on a tan background, the color scheme quite possibly a nod to the color of skin.

The name is displayed most prominently followed by his two specialties and then his contact information. It should not be a problem reaching him.

Since it is not clear that “custom machines” refers to tattoo machines, perhaps it would have been better to indicate that on the card, since the phrase can conjure up all kinds of machines.

Scaling down the size of some of the information would allow for more detailed information to be included, such as tattoo specialties and the kinds of custom tattoo machines.

Nevertheless, this card will leave its indelible mark, as it were, on one’s memory, owing to both the unique design and the novel duality of services.

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Front business card


Curtis McHale

by Russ on October 4, 2012

This double-sided business card is for a website designer, specializing in lead generation and e-commerce websites, with some e-mail marketing and SEO services as well.

Straightaway, it is very clear what kind of business this is, as the services are listed in a big bold font. A second line of information refers the prospect to the website, where a blog is front and center. The blog appears to be of a somewhat personal nature, as it includes topics not directly related to the business.

The black on white design is offset by a creative assortment of circles in the upper-left hand corner, in a subtle mauve color; ostensibly the logo.

On the other side, the colors are reversed with a white on black color scheme, making for a nice complementary color design. The same mauve circles reappear, this time in the upper-right. To add some variation, the orientation switches from horizontal to vertical.

The contact information is clearly listed. It will not be a problem communicating with this person.

Instead of listing the website on both sides, perhaps a slogan or more details of the business would be a better use of the double-sided space. It is not like the prospect is going to look at one side of the card but not the other.

However, this card will have no problems standing out in the stack of business cards.

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New Business Card

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Bistro Guillaume

by Russ on October 2, 2012

This is a striking vegetable green card with the name of the restaurant prominently displayed on the front. The name of whom we assume is the business owner (William?) is in large white lettering, slightly curved and with a hint of France in the font.

The reverse continues with the green theme and the entire name of the bistro in white this time. All the information required to dine at Bistro Guillaume is clear. Also included is a reservation email – a tasty idea.

A look at their website continues the green theme, in fact we sense that perhaps the color stands for fresh, healthy foods – a modern interpretation of the French bistro. The interior of this establishment sports a green bar, green menus and at least one beautiful set of green doors.

For you history buffs, here is one possible explanation (although denied by lexicographers) of the origin of the bistro:

The word “bistro” may come from the Russian word “bystro,” which means “quickly,” and was probably introduced by the Cossacks in the 1814 occupation of Paris, as they shouted for faster service in local cafes, “Bystro! Bystro!” The word first appeared in French dictionaries in 1884. Fact or myth? But fun for sure!

With this business card working seamlessly with the website, we have a restaurant which is doing almost all of the right things. It would be nice if they gave some categories of food that are their specialties.

And trying their food and loving it will be the icing on the cake.

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Business card - Bistro Guillaume

Business card details - Bistro Guillaume

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Tatouage par Molaire

by Russ on October 1, 2012

Mon Dieu! The US of A has exported tattoo parlors to the lovely city of Paris?! Sacré bleu!

This antiqued card in both color and font hearkens back to an era when tattoos were for sailors and soldiers. We love the light bulb with a [*FLASH*] great idea for body art.

The name of the artist makes one think of Molière, one of the finest French playwrights, and a master of comedy. Intentional? The quirky artwork on this card makes us think so. Add to this quirky phrases, and anyone wanting unique tatouage will be there in a quick moment.

We have a creative card for a creative business. This one will not get lost in the pile. The deal is closed with all the information needed to find this parlor. The humorous depiction of what looks to be Goofy in the lower left with hat and ears in shock, draws our attention to those details.

Do we need to have had too much to drink before we try? Let’s hope not.

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Business Card


Louis Vuitton

by Russ on September 29, 2012

Louis Vuitton has presented us with business cards that are creamy white with unctuous gold lettering. His ubiquitous logo is front and center, and his name is prominently displayed in commanding letters.

This card carries one of his many prestigious addresses around the world, a site just off the famous Champs-Elysées where the famous Arc de Triomphe reigns over the west end. His atelier [workshop] is located in the City of Lights as well, at the Place Vendôme.

The top card has a more business-like presentation with its standard rectangular form; the other is more playful as it is in the shape of a sac of a bygone era. While this company now offers many different luxe [elegant] items, certainly their handbags and luggage are the most well known and the most associated with M Vuitton’s original trunk creations of the 19th century.

We are pleased to see his website included. While this card may not mesh with his site visually, it surely does in ambiance. His site is très chic and is a feast of history and treasures for the well-heeled.

Here is a world-renowned brand, one that speaks to unabashed, even ostentatious wealth. These business cards make this bold proclamation, this with the elegance of simplicity; and beckon us into his world of fine goods.

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Louis Vuitton


Paris Flea Market

by Russ on September 16, 2012

How cool is this?! Très chic! An American company trading on French cachet and they even have an address on France Avenue South to continue the stratagème [ploy]!

This card is uncommon in its use of tangerine and soft lemony colors. It has a fabulously antique design replete with graphics, flourishes and a sun peeking out from the bottom corner – ah, a nod to the Sun King. The logo is topped with a black crown fit for Louis XIV.

At the bottom of the card is a narrow white strip filled with black script adding an element which creates a beautiful counterpoint to the gaily colored majority of the card.

The font is of an Old World style. All the features of this card come together to beckon one to come to this marché aux puces [flea market] to search high and low for fun French finds.

The contact information provided is adequate, although in the New World a website is always a welcome addition.

A stand-out business card bien sûr [of course], creating just the right feel for a flea market adventure. One not only would not lose this card, but might take it out from time to time to savor it like a surprise find among the ordinary.

Passons au marché aux puces [Go to the flea market]!

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paris flea market

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Bistro Melrose

by Russ on September 15, 2012

We have an off-white card, unbleached perhaps, which is well textured. On this there is a simple black and white design – or maybe dark chocolate brown, which is all the better.

The logo is in clear contrast to the color of the card. It is a dark square with a whisk and wooden spoon in the negative. The font is clean, fresh and very business-like.

A simple card, rich in texture and sparse in design. Tactilely it would be easy to find among all those other cards in one’s possession, however the design is perhaps too understated.

And if one is trying to encourage people to come and enjoy the delicious fare, somehow the logo does not seem to invite dîneurs. We suggest a logo evoking warmth and pleasure with colors to match. Vert [green] anyone?

Paris is a city of many extraordinary restaurants, from fine dining to more simple bistros. It seems to us that a restaurateur [restaurant owner] needs to stand out clearly from the pack, and this card is limited in this regard, especially when bistros are a dime a dozen.

Lastly, we would love to see a website just for those discriminating and plugged in folks, including the international set, to peruse while making plans for their walking trips around the city. Place de Clichy is a main drag, so perhaps this is not as necessary as one might think, though. For those who find their way to Bistro Melrose: Bon appétit!

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ephemera - Bistro Melrose business card


Biscuiterie de Montmartre

by Russ on September 14, 2012

This shop must be a first in Paris! Here in the U.S., we have the ubiquitous cookie stores in our malls, but such a treat to have this small artisian cookie boutique in the City of Lights!

This bright card is a beacon to those with a sweet tooth. The font is business-like yet with a bit of charm (note the “e” of Montmartre). Richness is stated with the lovely gold touches on the card and this gold portion serves as their logo, echoing the Moulin Rouge high on the hill of Montmartre.

This business card tells us all we need to know on one side, a feat not easy to accomplish. They are willing and able have an international presence. Do they ship, we wonder?

Their website opens us up to even more delights. The same richness of this card is evident in the chocolate brown of the exterior of their shop. Upon entering, one can see not only the delightful cookies (biscuits to the Brits, hence biscuiterie), but they are also a confiserie. We suspect they chose to be called a biscuiterie because this is a novelty in Paris and once customers are drawn in, they will also delight in the house-made candy offered.

A delight for the eyes is this business card, an entrée into their world of cookies and candies. This carte rouge [red card] is just the way to draw us to Montmartre to see the sights and to relax as we choose our favorite treats in this unique shop.

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ephemera - Biscuiterie de Montmartre business card

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E. J. Pagenel

by Russ on September 13, 2012

Here is a business card which makes clear its bent just by a coup d’œil [quick glance]. It has an antiqued quality in the subtle coloring, choice of fonts and decorative graphics.

The purveyor of these antique art objects, lace, silverware, fabric, tapestries and furniture is clearly noted front and center in bold type. Above his name, the objets of his affection and livelihood are clearly listed and below we have his contact information.

Along with his Paris address is the addition of the main thoroughfare of Paris near his shop to help his customer find him in the maze of narrow streets which is Paris.

As we move to the bottom we see a phone number expressed in such a way that we are sure this card is an antique in and of itself. Nevertheless, good taste and good design never go out of style.

We suspect, knowing that many Paris buinesses are longstanding, that this homme is still in operation and we recommend when in Paris looking him up. The search will be as much an adventure as perusing his shop. Bonne chance!

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E.J. Pagenel's Business Card


Jesse Yardley

by Russ on September 12, 2012

Smashing double-sided business card! The front has tons of energy emanating out from the center like a pebble being dropping into water or a TV/radio tower broadcasting a wide-reaching signal.

The monogram-like logo is bold and highly visible. The terse tagline accents this energetic front perfectly all the while telling us what this business is about.

On the reverse all the important information is readily accessible, including the oft-absent job title. The way in which it is organized exudes a sense of confidence in this marketing firm.

They highlight their strengths with three words prominently displayed against a black background. And included is an awarded seal of achievement in the same color as the front, adding a pop of color.

A look at their website shows how seamlessly they have integrated business card and site – always a plus.

Perhaps the only modification they should consider is the use of mixed case instead of all uppercase. People read mixed case faster than all uppercase, plus in the internet day and age, all uppercase is understood to be shouting, not always a good thing.

We love the eye-catching design on the front and the strength of the back as told with layout, font and precisely placed graphics, echoing their website. This marketing firm seems to be just the go-to place for all of one’s marketing needs!

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Business Card Design