Au Point de Chantilly

by Russ on September 11, 2012

What a lovely blush two dimensional business card with a lacey motif! The chosen font is the perfect mix of Old World and firmly feminine.

Since this shop offers made-to-order lingerie, laced hankerchiefs, tablecloths and such – all very much within a lady’s purview – this card draws her in like a moth to the flame.

We believe this boutique is small and local, and therefore we are able to overlook the clearly local phone number. This card pre-dates the internet and inexpensive long distance calling, so no attempt was made to reach beyond its humble confines.

But let’s honor what seems to be a fabulously intimate business in the small area of Anvers, France.

Nous disons, “Parfait!” This card will not get lost among layers of lace and will even inform the gentleman of the home that this is the place to go find a little something oh so special for the lady in his life. A beautiful card which perfectly embodies the lacey and the feminine. Allons-y!

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Au Point de Chantilly


Charles Perron

by Russ on September 10, 2012

Sacré bleu! Une ébéniste! (This is a cabinet maker for those of us in Western Canada or the lower forty-eight.) M Perron has printed his particulars on a piece of “raw wood” in firm lettering. His logo consists of a solid, dense circle with a finely lathe-turned baluster as a cutout, exposing the “wood” background.

With this business card, we are able to imagine what this cabinet maker can successfully create from whatever type of wood with which he is working.

Not to be an English snob, but if M Perron seeks work outside the environs of Québec, he might consider adding the English words cabinet maker to his card for the French-challenged in North America (which adds up to quite a few people!). On the other hand, he may prefer working closer to home.

As a business card, this one nicely gives us all the information we need with enough panache to stand out from the stack. We instantly sense his profession and get a feel for his qualifications from this organic card. Hard hats off – but not thrown too high – to this design!

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Charles Perron


One Little Red Fox

by Russ on September 9, 2012

Hmmm… We have a watercolored black and slightly textured background. A white child-like crayon font is used to display the name of the business and the same but smaller font in pink for the tagline. In the lower right-hand corner we are graced with a cute teddy bear in glasses with light blue tags on his ear and clothing. A couple of buttons are strewn on the card, for good measure.

A cleverly designed card to be sure in so much as we have here, but we’re lost.

Is this a teddy bear selling and outfitting enterprise? Surely it is a business aimed at children and their mothers, one can guess. And if we are interested in this possible product, how do we contact anyone? Perhaps the reverse, which wasn’t photographed, gives us this information.

We have a creative card, unlike any other. It is memorable. Why the name of the business contains the word fox yet we see a bear is yet to be explained, but what the heck, we don’t even know what the teddy bear is doing on the card.

With some digging around, we find that it is an Etsy shop, with a plethora of absolutely adorable handmade items. All cute as a button. But this is not revealed by the business card, at least the front.

So, let’s love the look of the card for a target audience of mothers and children, and let’s pan it for a lack of critical information that should be on the front with such a cute setting. Goldilocks, can you come to the rescue?

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# business card

business card

Stewart West

by Russ on September 8, 2012

Is it a chocolate bar? We love the tasty overall look. Our eyes feast on the elegance of the embossed logo and on the gold sticker wrapped around the lower edge so that information is displayed on each side.

The elongated shape of the dark chocolate card set off by the richness of the end caps containing the particulars of this business accomplishes several goals. We see that TunnelBravo is distinquished, refined and innovative, all of which combine to make it a most memorable card. Yet…

…while this advertising and design firm’s website reads well, it does not quite deliver with the same richness of its business card. In fact, while the card does not tell us what kind of business it is, it does tell us that they are clearly inspired and definitely one-of-a-kind.

This business card is not going to get lost on the plate – and may even have a bite taken out of it. Yet we humbly suggest adding the type of business to the card and considering changing the background color of the website to achieve a more integrated look to the entire enterprise.

Having said this, the card before us is one of the most unique we’ve seen and we offer sweet kudos to the good taste of TunnelBravo.

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Tunnel Bravo


Harnal Kirpov

by Russ on September 7, 2012

An amusing plastic surgeon’s business card from a Vienna ad agency Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann for Dr. Hajnal Kirpov. The card is made of paper and then rubber over the two holes where if you stick two fingers through the back of the card you get ‘instant implants’. Now, we have lauded those designers who give a sample of their work on their card – this one puts forward his expertise clearly and pointedly!

Using a scintillating shade of pink, this card appeals to precisely the correct demographic. All germane information is available to successfully contact this obviously creative surgeon. If this card is one of many, we can’t imagine any problem not only finding this particular card, but we can envision pulling this card out to show everyone we meet. 😉 We are imagining a cocktail party…

A unique, interactive, dazzling, amusing card. This physician incisively declares his profession, his expertise and his creativity – all necessary components of a successful outcome for a delicate surgery. We heartily applaud this design for so many reasons, not the least of which is its fun quotient!

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Plastic Surgeon's Business Card


Jim Washburn

by Russ on September 6, 2012

This double-sided paper stock business card is for the president of a family owned and operated construction and design company located in Quonochontaug, Rhode Island. They build homes in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Long Island, New York.

On one side is the distinctive logo and website URL against a solid dark blue background. The other side has the logo in reverse, followed by the company name, person’s name and contact information.

Lettering is in one of four colors: light blue, white, gray and black. The card is decidedly unadorned.

For a company that does design, this is somewhat unimpressive. It would give the customer a higher confidence level in its design skills if some of that expertise were put to the card design.

There is a lot of empty space, especially with a two-sided card. So it is surprising to see no mention of the three states in which it specializes.

Oddly, the font size of the contact information is larger than both the company name and person’s name. Normally, it is the smallest and certainly smaller than the name, but in this case, the name is smaller than everything except the e-mail address.

Perhaps the only distinctive feature is the rounded corners, but it needs to go much farther to make it stand out.

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Washburn business card


Agnes Szabo

by Russ on September 5, 2012

This single-sided paper stock business card is for a high-end interior decoration store in Budapest, Hungary. The company specializes in installing facade awnings, vertical blinds, Venetian blinds, parallel curtains and sun nets.

The decidedly golden tone is embellished by splashes of yellow and black, with a big bold logo laid out in three vertical strips. Underneath is the business name.

The name is followed by her contact information. It will be very easy to contact her. What would have helped is her job title, which happens to be the Chief Executive Officer.

While the design oozes luxuriousness, it would be more informative to have listed what kinds of drapery the company installs. This will help the prospective customer remember more details of what services are available. From the appearance of these products, they are definitely high-end decorations.

While the logo is distinctive, since it is an abstract design, it could have been shrunk a bit to allow for a slogan or tagline without penalizing the logo’s design.

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greeting card and business card design - Drapéria Design Stúdió


Ameen Pishdadi

by Russ on September 4, 2012

This double-sided paper stock business card is for the president of a higher-end data center for business-quality server and backup solutions.

The card has a predominantly bright red theme with one side displaying the logo and URL and the other side showing the requisite information. The logo itself is a white “G” superimposed on a red sphere followed by the company name in large black letters.

The name and job title are followed by the contact information and it will be easy to contact him.

While the red color catches one’s attention, there is not much information to consider beyond the contact information. With the effort and expense to make a double-sided business card, some more information would be helpful to people considering their services including dedicated servers, cloud servers, colocation and DDoS protection.

A slogan or tagline would also help out.

At the top of one side, a small thin greenish strip streaks across, terminating in two tiny swatches of dark and darker green. This strip is insignificant to the point of not really looking like part of the design. Why was this strip included?

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New GigeNET business cards


Carlo Van Caekenberg

by Russ on September 3, 2012

This single-sided paper stock business card is for an attorney who works for a Belgian-based company that specializes in legal assistance for companies. Their services include liability, contract law, business practices, collections and intellectual property.

Their unique logo depicts a top-down view of two people facing each other in open discussion, which is what this company would like to accomplish with each of its clients. Next to it is the other half of their logo, the L2B lettering, which is a nifty abbreviation for Lawyers to Business. Underneath is the tagline, Lawyers 2 Business. And finally, the term for legal firm, making it clear what the business does.

The name and job title are clearly displayed, with the contact information listed below. It will be easy to contact him.

The two distinct shades of orange along with a dark brown make for a nice color scheme.

Perhaps the only vital information missing is the kinds of law that in which this company specializes. Adding that would give prospective customers a better idea a glance what the business does without requiring the effort of calling or e-mailing.

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Business Cards L2B

Katrijn Michiels

by Russ on September 2, 2012

This is a double-sided business card for a Belgium-based photographer.

We are going to assume that what we are looking at are both sides of the card plus a camera, and not the front side of a business card. With that disclaimer, we love the fine example of Ms. Michiels’s work on one side and her contact information on the other. Her logo/business name/come-on is sharp and to the point, drawing in the potential client to give her a shot.

The card is crafted differently than the usual rectangular shape. Its angular bulges on each side add to the memorable quality of the card, making it easier to find in the ubiquitous stack of business cards that we all possess.

However, there does seem to be some room to add more information as to what kind of photography she does. It so happens that she does fashion,
beauty, portrait, conceptual and product photography. This useful information would help her sell her services.

All in all, a definite thumbs up for Ms. Michiels’s unique business card and her talents. We would surely give her a chance to shoot us as long as she uses her camera!

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Business cards