Paris Flea Market

by Russ on September 16, 2012

Paris Flea Market

How cool is this?! Très chic! An American company trading on French cachet and they even have an address on France Avenue South to continue the stratagème [ploy]!

This card is uncommon in its use of tangerine and soft lemony colors. It has a fabulously antique design replete with graphics, flourishes and a sun peeking out from the bottom corner – ah, a nod to the Sun King. The logo is topped with a black crown fit for Louis XIV.

At the bottom of the card is a narrow white strip filled with black script adding an element which creates a beautiful counterpoint to the gaily colored majority of the card.

The font is of an Old World style. All the features of this card come together to beckon one to come to this marché aux puces [flea market] to search high and low for fun French finds.

The contact information provided is adequate, although in the New World a website is always a welcome addition.

A stand-out business card bien sûr [of course], creating just the right feel for a flea market adventure. One not only would not lose this card, but might take it out from time to time to savor it like a surprise find among the ordinary.

Passons au marché aux puces [Go to the flea market]!

For an aptly-named company that can provide the tangerine-colored ink to print these business cards, along with matching flyers, brochures and other handouts at a great price, get some carrot ink coupons.

paris flea market