Should You Put Your Photo On Your Business Card?

September 22, 2015

Should You Put Your Photo On Your Business Card?

When it comes to business card design, one question that generates polar opposite responses is: should you put your photo on your business card?

What are the arguments against it?

In this video, the consultants assert that a photo is not needed for people whose appearance is not essential to their business. So if you are a model or entertainer, a photo should be part of your business card. But if you are an attorney, real estate agent or chef, a photo will not encourage someone to pay for your services or products.

Here is their contention: every element of your business card should be something that differentiates you from the rest. When people buy your services or products, it’s because they think that you offer something that the rest do not. A photo of yourself does not do that. It does not factor into a person’s thought process when deciding on who to buy from.

The photo wastes space that can be used more effectively, such as for a logo, slogan or symbol.

What are the arguments for it?

You become memorable when people see your picture. Think of the time you came home with a fistful of business cards. You can barely remember any of the people. But a picture helps the person remember you. And remembering you is the first step to feeling comfortable with doing business with you. Along with the picture are the memories of the conversations that person had with you.

If you use your photo consistently on your website, brochures, LinkedIN, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook page, why not on the little card that you give to someone? A consistent reminder of who you are reinforces people’s image of you and helps them connect with you again and again.


There are strong arguments for and against the use of your photo on your business card. Your business card is part of and should reflect your branding strategy. Ultimately, it’s up to you do decide if your photo can be used effectively in that strategy.

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