Tatouage par Molaire

by Russ on October 1, 2012

Tatouage par Molaire

Mon Dieu! The US of A has exported tattoo parlors to the lovely city of Paris?! Sacré bleu!

This antiqued card in both color and font hearkens back to an era when tattoos were for sailors and soldiers. We love the light bulb with a [*FLASH*] great idea for body art.

The name of the artist makes one think of Molière, one of the finest French playwrights, and a master of comedy. Intentional? The quirky artwork on this card makes us think so. Add to this quirky phrases, and anyone wanting unique tatouage will be there in a quick moment.

We have a creative card for a creative business. This one will not get lost in the pile. The deal is closed with all the information needed to find this parlor. The humorous depiction of what looks to be Goofy in the lower left with hat and ears in shock, draws our attention to those details.

Do we need to have had too much to drink before we try? Let’s hope not.

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