September 22, 2015

Business Card Design Reviews focuses on standard business card designs for the self-employed/entrepreneur; that is, for the person who can control the design of the card and not someone stuck in a corporation who must use the company design.

As small business owners have extremely-limited budgets, the cards will use paper stock and ink in a 3.5″ x 2″ size. No plastics or metals, no waterproofing or UV coating, no elaborate pop-ups, no circular, oval or unusual shapes, no magnetization.

Despite its low price and trivial usage as a place to write down unrelated notes, the business card is a critical business tool. While most everybody recognizes its necessity, most do not realize that careful thought should go into the effective utilization of the limited amount of space.

Your business card reflects your branding strategy, or lack thereof. If your business card looks haphazard, chances are you have no vision of establishing your uniqueness in the market or no plan of action to achieve that vision.