Old Gallagher Irish Tavern

by Russ on February 16, 2014

Old Gallagher Irish Tavern
Business Card
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on February 16, 2014
Business card for an Irish Tavern in Spain helps people get to this cultural oddity with a clear, detailed map. However, there is not much text to advertise the business.

The Old Gallagher Irish Tavern in a Zaragoza, Spain? How fun is this?!

A business card a bit bigger than traditionally usual, this one stands out for its clarity. Printed on glossy black card stock, it has this tavern’s logo loud and proud in the upper right hand corner. A Next Day Flyers coupon from Business Card Design Reviews will do wonders for this business, with economical printing at the highest printing standards.

In the lower right hand corner are the particulars so necessary for the patron: days and times of operation.

Rather than an address they do one better and give us a clear map, elucidating the perspective by painting the nearby water in bright blue. A green arrow starts at the logo and stretches out to the exact location of the tavern which is marked by a red rectangle.

As we stroll through Zaragoza we enjoy its history and architecture. We see the Basílica del Pilar, the Seo Cathedral and the Aljafaría Palace among other sites. This city was in turn conquered by the Romans, the Goths and later, in 714, the Moors and Berbers.

The Iberian Peninsula–home today to both Spain and Portugal–was largely conquered by the Moors of northern Africa. Zaragosa was their largest northern city stronghold.

This city is the capital of the autonomous community of Aragon, home to King Ferdinand of Ferdinand and Isabelle fame. Famous for what? For sending Columbus to discover a new route to the East Indies and expelling both the Jews and the Moors (Muslims) from the peninsula, all in 1492.

After a long day exploring the city we may opt for some familiar sustenance.

All we English speakers will find either a haven to get a little taste of home or be able to check out how the Spanish perceive an Irish Tavern.

And a third possibility–Irish ex-pats have opened up an Irish tavern.

This explicit business card is just the ticket to lead us to a homey, comforting meal.

Old Gallagher Irish Tavern business card

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