Gita Ayu

by Russ on September 8, 2014

Gita Ayu
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on September 8, 2014
A very creative but very uninformative business card for a karate dojo. The card will be memorable for its picture but not for the business information.

We surely hope this in not an actual rock as business card. Although it looks like it is. No, it is not possible.

Let’s make the assumption that it is a photograph of a rock–or brick if you will with its reddish color and rectangular shape, deftly broken by the master of the dojo.

Upon further reflection, perhaps it is truly a rock and used as a sign at the entrance of the studio, indoors or out.

Either way, a clever concept. This neatly torn asunder brick tells all of the skills taught within. Well, at least the most popular skill. The quality of this printing requires high quality ink. By using 123InkJets coupons, businesses can save a lot of money on their printing budget. There are all sorts of deals to be used.

The name of the club is found on the left side in large, bold sans serif font with Senpai // Satas Karate Club written below. This information is presented as a strip label torn at all ends.

Senpai informs us that they have master students and instructors present to assist in the teaching of the novice members.

Broken off from this portion and hence on the right side of the brick is a symbol which we assume to be the logo of this particular club.

In the lower right-hand corner is another logo which we will take as being the symbol of this style of karate.

While we are enjoying the unique nature of this business card or entrance signage, it lacks information. Even if used at the entrance, a phone number and a website are crucial pieces of information. A business card needs a lot more information since it is, after all a business.

If a business card, surely one would want to include the address, also.

A tough one to evaluate, we give it five chops for creativity, but only one for usefulness in terms of advertising. Hai!

Gita Ayu's Brick Business Card?

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