Gusto Ristorante Pizzeria

by Russ on January 7, 2014

Gusto Ristorante Pizzeria
Business Card
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on January 7, 2014
Restaurant business card gives us the facts and only the facts. No clear reason why we should eat there.

Bold, stunning, clean. GUSTO styles itself as a trattoria, pizzeria and cafeteria. Pizzeria and cafeteria we know, but trattoria? Just give us a few moments and we will fill you in, not only on this card design, but on how you can get stunning business cards like these with Next Day Flyers coupons from Business Card Design Reviews, the printed design experts for businesses on a budget.

This deep chianti colored card fills the space with luscious warmth. The top three quarters contain the name of the eatery, GUSTO, in ginormous modern silver font. The three styles of service are placed just below in Italian.

Then, just so we are sure we are going to encounter food when we arrive, this card graces us with a spoon, fork and knife at full attention.

The bottom one fourth of the card is reversed with silver as the background and rich chianti as the font color. This is where we find out how to contact GUSTO and its address. Sadly in this modern world, we do not find a website, but let us Google search it…

Ecco! /em> We believe we found it! It is a unique establishment in the Eternal City of Rome that not only includes a trattoria (a small restaurant–we told you we would let you know), pizzeria, and cafeteria but a bookstore, a culinary library, a wine merchant and praline shop as well. My oh my, epicurean heaven!

Now we’re thinking that this card is too simple. We would love to know about the eclectic nature of this business. All the more to draw us in.

But, GUSTO has bowled us over with its bold business card, its use of a rich chianti color with modern silver. We believe we will make a night of it.

We’ll have a cocktail at the wine bar, indulge in a fabulous meal while perusing the culinary books–perhaps purchase one–then wind up our evening with a taste of sweet praline. Ecco! This restaurant goes in our “next time we are in Rome” file. Buon appetito!

ephemera - Barcelona, Gusto Trattoria business card, 2010

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