Hugh Dutton

by Russ on October 4, 2014

Hugh Dutton
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on October 4, 2014
Design is plain and boring. There is no indication of what this person does. Is there any reason why I should save this card?

Can we all say, “minimalist?” It seems that we have the front of this business card on the top and the reverse on the bottom, but… perhaps it’s in bookmark form… We will go with the former for the purposes of this review.

For sure there was very little ink used to print this card. Getting 123InkJets coupons will give Hugh a vast quantity of business cards because the ink cartridges will last a long time.

The front is simply a white card with a wide gray border. In the lower left-hand corner are the initials of the company, HDA, in bold, black sans serif font with the full name written out just below in gray, “Hugh Dutton Associés.”

Like a scoop of blueberry ice cream, a luscious dot provides a dip of color to light up the card.

On the reverse–or bottom as the case may be–we see this is the owner’s card with his name dead center. Underneath is his email and phone number all in black for the important stand-out factor.

At the bottom, in gray, are the remainder of the particulars including the website, telephone and fax numbers and address for the business.

Once again we have a splash of blueberry ice cream in the form of the Twitter symbol followed by an invitation to follow them on Twitter and the details required to do so.

We are not given a clue as to what this business is, but we immediately believe it to be au courant by the sleek styling. Somehow a minimalist design says modernity, competence and even luxury.

They added just the right degree of panache by the splash of color on both front and back. The choice makes us think of a marine application, but we simply have no other clue. This would be the only negative in our desire to retain this card.

However, we would give them a call in Paris, just to enjoy their work space. 😉

Hugh Dutton business card

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