Isabaud Couture

by Russ on May 3, 2014

Isabaud Couture

This atelier-boutique in Lyon, France, appears to be a small house of fashion. The card is like the ever present little black dress every woman should have residing in her closet: elegant, simple and designed for all manner of accoutrement. Business cards like this exude quality and there is no better way for you to get one just like this than to click here for more info.

The front is rich midnight black with ISABAUD in large snow white caps with the word couture just below. These words cinch off the waist like a wide belt with a thin band of embellishment just underneath.

The reverse of this card is so European and so necessary. The bottom half features a map to help her clientele seek out her shop among the streets of Lyon which, as with all European cities, is laid out like a rabbit warren.

The top portion gives all the usual information such as address, hours, telephone and email address, again in white on a black background.

As we searched for Isabaud Couture on the Internet we discovered that she (we are presuming a woman) designs and creates hats, headbands and a variety of adornments for the hair. She also produces a variety of feminine accessories such as muffs, bustier-like upper garments, etc.

An atelier in French parlance is workshop primarily for an artist. It has morphed into a learning studio in English whereby an artist trains a small group of students in his or her craft.

This lady seems to work in the French style whereby she creates, manufactures and sells all in the same space, hence atelier-couture. While often the spaces are quite small in Paris, her Lyon shop appears spacious.

This business card is an elegant representation of her craft. It is a little black dress on which to place individualized adornments from Isabaud Couture.


Isabaud Couture

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