La Finca De Susana Restaurant

by Russ on May 17, 2014

La Finca De Susana Restaurant
Business Card
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on May 17, 2014
A fresh-looking business card for a restaurant but there is no indication of what kind of food this place serves. The earth tones and foliage green make for a great background if only there were some verbiage to make someone want to visit this place.

Here is one of these business cards that just begs to be reviewed in the full context of the photograph in which it resides. Susana has supported her card with a yummy looking loaf of artisanal bread–freshly baked no doubt.

With a restaurant named La Finca de Susana, Susana’s Farm/Country Estate, we anticipate farm fresh produce, meats and, yes, freshly baked goods. Added to this is a business card evocative of that finca.

The card is on organic unbleached “muslin” card stock with seemingly hand painted watercolor stems and leaves curling around the business portion of the card. La Finca de Susana restaurant is printed in three varieties of fonts with Susana in large, cursive, stand-out red ink.

Interestingly restaurant is in the English or French spelling without the requisite “e” as the last letter required by Spanish. Below this and centered on the card is its telephone number, address in Madrid and website. Why not check out these guys for a fantastic deal for your own professional-looking business card?

A visit to the site reveals a conglomerate–restaurants and hotels that have banded together to form a beautiful, informative site highlighting a variety of elegant destinations in the northeastern sector of Spain.

La Finca de Susana‘s page displays exquisite photos of a warm, inviting and modern eatery in the formal style. There is little evidence of the country here, but not to worry, perhaps they are stressing by their business card that their food is straight from the farm to the table.

We’ll have to revise our English translation of finca most assuredly to country estate.

This is clearly an elegant establishment, serving farm fresh foods. Their business card well advertises this with its earthy feel and with the necessary information seeming to rise out of the ground from among the water-colored leaves. ¡Buen provecho!

La Finca De Susana Restaurant

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