Las Parras

by Russ on January 18, 2014

Las Parras
Business Card
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on January 18, 2014
Double-sided business card with lots of color and useful information to advertise a restaurant. Its map helps people find this place without any problems.

This is the first business card we’ve seen in Catalán, a language spoken in northeastern Spain and adjoining parts of southern France. It is the official language of the small country of Andorra located in the Pyrennes between the two countries. Vistaprint coupons from can help you establish your business presence in any language you want.

A romance language, Catalán is spoken in the autonomous region of Catalonia, Spain, hence this Barcelonian business card.

First and foremost we have a card that is not strictly the traditional size, but perhaps that is only true in an American context.

The front of the card uses color to great advantage. The top third lets us know without reading by the graphic that this is for a restaurant and that its name is Las Parras.

Many fonts are in use as we scan down the card. Next we see a narrow black strip containing four of the most prominent types of foods offered: tapas (Spanish; English uses this word also), toasts (hey, we don’t speak Catalán so we are relying on Internet dictionaries), sandwiches and combination dishes.

The lower two thirds tells us that the kitchen is open all day, they serve beer and wine and of course their address and phone number is included.

The reverse is a study in wisdom, especially in a city with many tourists. It is quite simply a declarative map of exactly where the restaurant is located.

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city with much to see. Gaudí‘s La Sagrada Familia graces the city. Las Ramblas is a boulevard well known for the pleasure of leisurely walks, window shopping and street life. There are also several churches and a cathedral of note, museums and parks and buildings also designed by Gaudí.

It is a city not to be missed by the European traveler. Las Parras would be a lovely stop to include for lunch or dinner for a taste of the local cuisine. Salut!

Las Parras Business Card Front
Las Parras Business Card Back

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