Le Petit Manoir

by Russ on April 21, 2014

Le Petit Manoir

This brings back sooo many memories. We have stayed in petit two and, si nous avons eu la bonne chance, three stars. They can be incredibly charming and a throw back to mid century–the 20th of course.

Le Petit Manoir (The Little Manor/Country House) gives us a super helpful hand drawn map showing the crazy angled streets of Paris so we can locate this out-of-the-way hotel.

Now, we can see that this is an older business card, perhaps 1960s at best, but we can assure you that this hotel has probably not changed much except perhaps for the introduction of WiFi. You can get your own set of quality business cards just like this from businesscarddesignreviews.com/vistaprint-coupons/ and boost your businesses’s image with expert workmanship and expert attention to detail.

We can picture it now–smell it even. It is surely four or five stories, it may not even have a lift (elevator for those of us in the Colonies), but if it does it will be tiny. It will barely be able to contain two people let alone American style luggage.

The lift will have a folding iron gate to close and perhaps a solid door, too. Count yourself lucky if this lift is in operation because schlepping luggage up several flights of narrow, often open, stairs is no treat after a long journey to the Continent.

Your room will be tiny and simple with beds that have seen better days. It is even possible that there is a shared bathroom situation. Horrors! But this is down more in the one star range and perhaps a few two stars. Let’s avoid the one stars, shall we?!

But, you will be rewarded with super high ceilings (those flights of stairs just grew) and amazing, ornate, tall, tall French doors which open up to a mini-balcony and onto the street or onto a courtyard that may or may not be exquisite.

Each time you leave the Le Petit Manoir you will be required to leave your huge, very antique key, with its even bigger and heavier fob at the front desk. You will retrieve it each time you re-enter. We have even had a closing time for the front desk, so you had better get back on time.

And as this card advertises you’ll probably enjoy a better than average complimentary petit déjeuner (breakfast) because they have a salon du thé and patisserie on the premises. Yep, we got the idea of free breakfast at our hotels from the Europeans who have been doing this forever.

Back to our business card in question. While the top third is filled with the aforementioned map, the remainder, in various green fonts, gives us all the information needed to find and savor this slice of Parisian history.

They speak English which is important because we can see from the map that they are very near–although the map is in no way to scale–two railway stations. They are used to dealing with tourists.

Don’t be fearful of trying Le Petit Manoir but rather enjoy the often sweet and friendly ambiance of an era not quite yet gone by.

Le Petit Manoir

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