Michael Faber

by Russ on August 6, 2014

Michael Faber
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on August 6, 2014
A business card with a sophisticated look including embossing and thick card stock with a dynamic design. The card projects professionalism and business savvy.

There is something about a simple line in the attitude of an upward arc. It speaks to taking off, the future, better things ahead.

Faber Design has used heavy card stock, framed the information in mottled gray tones and added a bright persimmon bottom edge to set off the neutral colors.

The card stock used seems so heavy that it may not bend easily–all the better for that business card that we do not want clients to lose.

This business card is divided into two main sections. The upper third carries the name of the group in all lower case with a distinctive logo to the left.

This portion is set off from the bottom two thirds by an embossed persimmon dotted line.

Beneath this is the owner’s name in larger, bolder font with his job title just below. All this is set off by European style quotation marks, again in persimmon.

Then we have listed three crucial pieces of contact information, each with a “bullet point” of a, once again, persimmon letter indicating website, email and phone number.

And last but not least is a highly stylized “Hello” in the lower right hand corner.

A look at Mr. Faber’s website reveals that his logo is made up of the “f” of faber and the “d” of design hanging out on the fringes of the charcoal gray square within a border creating a one-of-a-kind logo.

When we see a designer plying his wares not only on his card but also on his website, we know we are in for a treat when we hire him to design for us. While not Faber, PrintPlace does a very competent job and can help you promote your business in a professional way. Check this out for coupons on a wide variety of printed items.

Mr. Faber can’t possibly disappoint; we have the evidence right in front of us.

Michael Faber Design’s High Quality Business Card

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