Restaurant Attila

by Dawn on January 11, 2014

Restaurant Attila
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on January 11, 2014
Seafood restaurant beckons its customers through tasty fish dishes. Creative logo makes a positive impression.

A simple, yet elegant card for the Restaurant Attila in Toulouse, France. Use Vistaprint coupons to make an impression simply and elegantly through your business cards.

Filling the space in the top two thirds of this light gray card is the restaurant’s name. A standard Times Roman font is used to express Restaurant, then a wholly one-of-a-kind bold, graphic font spells out the name, Attila.

The design of the A flows leftward into Restaurant and rightward to cross the two t‘s. Add to this a five-pointed star for the dot over the i. All works together to take a simple design and make it sing.

The center text, Spécialités de poissons, tells us that they specialize in fish dishes. Our mouth is watering already.

The bottom third gives us the address on the left and on the right, the telephone number and that they are closed on Mondays. But where is the web address?

After a pretty thorough Google search, we cannot find a website, but we do find several mentions of this eatery. Should we consider visiting Toulouse to dine here?

Toulouse is the forth largest metropolitan area of France. It is situated in the south, not all that far from the Pyrennes and Spain. It is the capital of the Midi-Pyrénnés region, the largest in the country, and of the Départment Haute-Garonne.

It is the epicenter of the European aerospace industry, has the largest cancer research facility in Europe, and has one of the oldest universities in Europe, founded in 1229. All of this and more makes Toulouse a cosmopolitan city.

Toulouse also boasts two UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Canal du Midi and the Basilica of St. Sernin.

All these are reasons and more to visit this lovely, vibrant city. We must confess that as much as we have traveled in France, we have not had the pleasure of exploring this city.

But, Toulouse is now on our list as is this smashing restaurant, Restaurant Attila. Bon appétit!

Restaurant Attila

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